Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Analysis

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Second Writing Assignment Selection 2 Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Henry Jekyll’s Full Statement This is a letter of Jekyll’s "confession." Jekyll leaves this letter for Utterson. He starts by writing that he had a good start in life, that everything looked bright and good. He seems to have a good future, everybody respect him but he also describes that one fault of his darker side which doesn’t fit with his outward honorable reputation. He was careful to hide this side. As a scientist, Jekyll began to interest that all men have an inherent dual nature which a good side and an evil side. He knows that this is true of him. He dreams of separating his dual nature. He eventually discovered a chemical concoction that will cause him to feel and to see a separation of his two sides. Chemical concoction makes him turns into Mr. Hyde which is a man who is all bad and all evil. He also needs to perform a second experiment to make sure he can turn back to Dr. Jekyll. It is successful of switching his identity by drinking the potion. He becomes more and more obsessed with becoming Hyde. The next year, two months before the murder of Danvers Carew, He has to choose between these two Jekyll or Hyde? In the end he decides not to bring Hyde back again. For two months, he enjoyed the life of Dr. Jekyll again, being sociable and leaving Hyde’s life. One night, he feels the evil desires of Hyde bubbling up within him. This is the night of Danvers Carew’s murder. Danvers Carew is attacked by
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