Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Language Analysis

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In the novel “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, Stevenson uses descriptive language to create a mood of terror. The author uses events and places to create a feeling of terror in the reader’s mind. The Black Mail House is the first place to create a sense of terror, following The Door. The way that Hyde is described by people is a suspenseful description for a person. In my opinion, these three chapters are the most suspenseful in the rising action. Then, the author uses a lot of descriptive language to get his point across about The Black Mail House. He describes the house as very dull, bore, and neglected. The house has one entrance, no windows, and is two stories. This house looks like it is not safe to live in or is not up to date on the exterior part. The reader does not know what the house inside looks like but it is discolored on the upper walls. There are scratches and marks all over the front of the house.…show more content…
The door does not have a knocker or doorbell attached to it. There were blisters and stains on the door how the house did. The door was losing its color and was not as sturdy as it should be. The story that goes along with the door is that a man named Hyde tramped on a young childs body at three in the morning. Whenever the people found out about the incident, they demanded 100 pounds of gold but Hyde gave them 10 pounds in gold and the rest in coutts. Hyde stays the rest of the night with Enfield to take the check to the bank in the morning to get it verified. Utterson and Enfield agree to never talk about this incident ever
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