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Dr. Jekyll is seemingly good, kind, and benevolent; while is not purely good he is a moral gentleman. He started his experiment so he could totally separate the bad and the good in himself into two separate beings. He did not succeed, however, for Dr. Jekyll is plagued by the feeling that he wants to become evil again, thus he wants to become Mr. Hyde. It is important to note that Mr. Hyde is completely evil; he has no goodness in him, in contrast to Dr. Jekyll who was a troubled mix. Mr. Hyde feels no remorse for any evil he has done and actually feels elated when he does commit a moral sin. He relishes in his freedom from rules. Although Dr. Jekyll 's personality traits or basic humanistic qualities were split into very different people, he never lost that touch of Mr. Hyde when he was Dr. Jekyll. Rather, he had Mr. Hyde in him his whole life, it would seem, and just succeeded in annexing out Dr. Jekyll when he became Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde never considered how his actions were hurting people. Nevertheless, as Dr. Jekyll, he experienced guilt for what was considered moral shortcomings. At first he becomes scared of Mr. Hyde and vows to never become evil …show more content…

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It can be so confusing to try to explain why Dr. Jekyll felt so trapped, and why he felt that he had to separate himself into two separate personalities. Perhaps it was because of his youth, when he tasted the pleasures of sin for a short while. Maybe he even felt guilty because he wanted the evil side of life and longed to do whatever he pleased, even though it would cause pain and hurt to others. Dr. Jekyll thus separates himself into two people who share the feeling that they need to do whatever they want. This may be why he permanently morphed into Mr. Hyde, and then committed suicide because he could not face a world in which he was so hated. In a way, he became what he always was, a base man who sought after

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