Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Summary

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Plot Summary
The story starts off with a lawyer named Mr. Utterson who is walking with his friend Mr. Enfield in the streets of London. As they are walking, they come across a mysterious door, which reminds Mr. Enfield of a previous incident. Late one night, while on his way home, he saw a deformed, unpleasant man who trampled a girl in the street. However, instead of getting the police, the girl’s family and Mr. Enfield decide to force him to give the girl 's family money. After agreeing to them, the mysterious man disappears into the cellar door and returns with a legitimate check from the respectable Dr. Jekyll. Later on, they learn that the strange man’s name is Mr. Edward Hyde. The situation is made more odd because Dr. Jekyll 's will has recently been changed so that Mr. Hyde will inherit everything. Mr. Utterson becomes very suspicious about the whole situation and tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. After looking for quite some time, Mr. Utterson encounters the indefinably ugly Mr. Hyde in a laboratory attached to the back of Jekyll’s home. To his surprise, Mr. Hyde gladly gives Mr. Utterson his address. When Mr. Utterson visits Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Jekyll tells Utterson to mind his own business and to leave the matter alone.
A year later, Mr. Hyde beats a man with a cane, causing the man 's death. The police involve Mr. Utterson because the victim is one of his clients. Mr. Utterson shows them

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