Dr. Josef Mengele's Experiments

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The number of children killed by the Nazis hasn 't been officially determined, but it is believed to be around 1.5 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Gypsy children, and thousands of handicapped children. Many of which were killed due to Dr. Josef Mengele 's fatal experiments and horrifying surgeries (Josef par.13). Before Mengele began his work at Auschwitz he was an assistant to Dr. Otmar von Verschuer, who was widely known for his studies on twins. The following year when he received his medical degree, Mengele joined the SS and was drafted into the army (United par.1). The SS or Schutzstaffel accepted the responsibility for “solving” the “Jewish question.” SS members had many jobs, and all were appointed to help insure a…show more content…
Mengele was well known for hand picking his subjects and he became known as “The Angel of Death” or “White Angel” because his of cruel demeanor when he was choosing his subjects. Among many physicians, Mengele had the free will to conduct any surgery or experiment he would like (United par.1,2). Dr. Josef Mengele’s experiments were disfiguring, dehumanizing, and fatal.
One thing which is important to realize is that Dr. Mengele 's experiments were disfiguring. Mengele conducted many experiments and surgeries, such as: removing organs and limbs with no anesthetic during the operation, stitching twins together, and injecting chemicals into eyes in attempt to change their color (Angel par.1). Mengele was interested in heterochromia is a case in which two irises differ in coloration. It was said that he would keep the eyeballs of his murder victims so that he could conduct research on eye color pigmentation. Mengele wanted to
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Mengele 's experiments were dehumanizing. Not only did the experiments physically affect his patients but also psychologically. Children would see the effects from surgeries and experiments from other children where they were left blind, paralyzed, ill, and often dead (Victims par.6). Mengele would perform multiple surgeries on a single child. One boy recalled the results of many of his brothers surgeries, leaving him paralyzed, later removing his sexual organs, then eventually dead (Victims par.5). One woman has a memory when she was ten years old in one of Dr. Mengele 's experiments sitting in a cold room naked for eight hours with her twin sister, and in one arm blood was being drawn and in the other a substance was being injected (Survivor par.7). He would also conduct experiments to make sea-water drinkable. The subject would be deprived of any food and only were given chemically processed seawater. Severe damages to the body would be the result to these experiments (Josef par.5). Mengele would even remove their vital organs while they were awake on the table (Victims par.4). Dr. Mengele did not think the effects of his experiments were anything more than science. In the name of science many suffered and died tragically. The people he worked on were not people they were filthy people, test subjects, lab rat, or even an animal. A witness says that one day Mengele and four other men had brought in eight girls strapped them
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