Dr. Joudi's Speech On Prostate Cancer

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During the day of Dr. Joudi’s speech on prostate cancer, there was an immeasurable amount of information that I took home that day. Additionally, there were two topics that I specifically considered intriguing. Notably, what I discovered that is intriguing about the topic of prostate cancer, comprising of the answer to whether PSA screening saves lives or not. Nonetheless, another interesting topic that I discovered engrossing is the helping hand for doctors from the technology world. To say nothing of, I felt astonished about The United States Preventative Service Task Force (USPSTF) stating PSA does not save lives and discouraging PSA screening, although, through the midst of my astonishment, I felt amazed by the robotic technology that assists doctors in surgery.…show more content…
Additionally, when Dr. Joudi elucidated on the subject of how prostate cancer does not cause prodrome, I would have believed that primary prevention, such as PSA screening is imperative. Furthermore, the information that left me baffled, however, made the reasoning of USPSTF discouraging PSA screening lucid is that there were no oncologist or urologist in the USPSTF board. Nevertheless, I believe if there were oncologists or urologists on the board, I am certain there would have been a question of, “Well, do you have any better ideas?”. To say nothing of, through my astonishment with the USPSTF reaction to PSA screening, I felt utterly amazed about the robotic technology that doctors utilized today in Dr. Joudi

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