Dr. J's Avocation Summary

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Ashe benefits from Dr.J’s avocation because Dr.J made sure that Ashe was put into tennis camps which helped him become a better tennis player overall. Ashe went very far in tennis with the help of Dr.J.
Because he was colored just like Ashe and he supported African American tennis players.
He was considered a pariah because he was colored and wanted to play in a tennis competition but because he was colored they didn’t allow him.
People might make fun of him because of him having AIDS and still doing tennis.
The definitive proof of Ashes paramount position is that he won the mens single in Wimbledon.
The way that Ashes played on the court and his attitude were very different. ON the court he would make people think that he was calm threw his calm demeanor but when he got on the court he was ferocious.
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His crusade of tennis being a only white man sport was changed because of the way he was raised, segragated and treated differently because of his race.
Dr. Johnson served as a indication of Ashes erudition all because he knew that Ashe was a amazing tennis player just by watching him.
When he announced that he had AIDS it was an adroit move because when the newspaper was going to release the announcement to the public he called and said that it was because of a heart surgery.
The lapse in good medical practice that led to his death was a doctor that didn’t do something right. Ashe died from pneumonia and that could be due to the doctors prescribing him the wrong meds or they weren’t treating his condition well enough. But luckily before his death he was inducted into the hall of fame. He was blessed to die with great accomplishments behind him and being a role model to many.
Ashes purpose for his calmness in matches lead to the other team throwing raucous tantrums.
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