Dr. Larry Rossen's Our Obsessive Relationship With Technology

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….”Cause while we may have big friend lists So many of us are friendless All alone Cause friendships are more broken than the screens on our very phones”..... These lyrics are from a man named Prince Ea, to say he has inspiration is an understatement, because i 'm not sure how his motivation, determination, and passion is so strong. Prince Ea is speaking not only for us, but for future generations to come. He is trying to get through to not just teen boys and girls, but he is trying to speak up to everyone, and for some who feel his determination to spread the word. In his lyrics it clearly states…..”But, get a load of this Studies show the attention span of the average adult today Is one second lower than that of a goldfish”..... Prince…show more content…
Larry Rossen. He clearly stated the he was an inveterate people watcher, which is why he thought about being a math teacher. But in his article “Our Obsessive Relationship with Technology” …. Dr. Larry Rossen soon discovered that he wanted to major in psychology of technology. He took a liking to this because he already knew about faces in phones, sleep deprivation, and our obsessive behavior with technology. In the article he says ….“For the past 30+ years, as I have studied the "psychology of technology" I have always taken a strongly positive view about the impact it has on our culture and all of my writing has been in service of seeing how we can make the most of these marvelous inventions. From the beginnings of the Internet, to the rapid rise of the WWW, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more, we now have the world at our fingertips whenever we want and wherever we might find ourselves.”..... He continues on to say ….“Lately, however, I have witnessed something that profoundly troubles me. WE CAN 'T SEEM TO KEEP OUR FACES OUT OF OUR SMARTPHONES FOR EVEN A MINUTE OR TWO.”..... So far it seems that not only do we have the world at our fingertips, but the world is wrapped around its
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