Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have A Dream Speech

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During, Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream, the speaker uses a number of Talk Cards to provide a message that can reach a wide range of people. Martin Luther King Jr. uses his Civil Rights Leader Card to show his position and role in the movement. In combination with his Minister Card he is able to deliver a unique speech pattern that shows his determination to seek rights for the African Americans. With the Educator, African American, and Father Cards, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., provides first hand evidence that strengthen his message.
Using multiple Talk Cards during the speech is an efficient way to reach a large amount of people. This is why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used so many cards during his speech. He wanted to be able to make a connection with every single person in attendance.
I Have A Dream has become such a renown and influential speech that I believe that any
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tries to use his speech to change unlawful laws and seeks to bring true freedom to the African Americans. While, on the other hand, the goal of the audience is to be the support of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ideals. Both the speaker and audience’s goals work in conjunction to support each other.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of Talk Cards effectively enhanced the goal he wished to convey. By applying his African American Card, he could show his first hand experiences in the unlawful discrimination of African Americans. In addition, using his Father Card to show his optimism for the future in a society where every person is equal.
The speaker tried to invoke the same Talk Cards in the audience as the ones he personally used to convey his message. For example, he tried to invoke the African American Card in the audience to show a common struggle they are going through. By using the same Talk Cards Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. effectively accomplished his
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