Dr. Martin Luther King's Legacy Analysis

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s, legacy is remembered today for his commitment to non-violence, civil rights, justice, equality for all; also through his many speeches, boycotts, monuments and memorial that were built in his honor. In memory of Dr. King, travelers from across the United States visit his memorial sites, as well as the different literature that is provided in textbooks to educate themselves about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. legacy.
I. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is remembered throughout society in many ways.
A. Dr. King is honored throughout the world, in small communities, as well as, the White House each year, and the Federal Government (Carson, 1987).
1. The Federal government has declared a Federal Holiday in honor of Dr. Martin
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Community Centers named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (Alderman, 2008).
II. Men, women and children travel from various locations every year to visit Dr. King memorial.
A. Tourist travel from across the country to visit the Lincoln Memorial site to see where Dr. King stood, and to read his many famous quotes.
1. Location of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, I Have a Dream Speech, and his famous quotes seen around the world (Bruyneel, 2014).
2. The National Monument that was built in reverence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (Bruyneel, 2014).
B. School district and visitors from all over the United States, travel to visit different sites dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (Bruyneel, 2014).
1. Byron Elementary School traveled to Washington D.C.
2. Tourists visit different sites that are dedicated to Dr. King (Bruyneel, 2014).
III. Literature provided over the years to educate people on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. his charisma, and international leadership as a civil rights leader.
A. Information provided by theologians, political scientists, and historians on Dr. King charisma style (Carson, 1987).
1. Textbooks are distributed in the classroom all over the U.S. about the life of Dr. King (Carson,
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