Dr. Mortenson Informative Speech Summary

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Dr. Mortenson taught his audience on the subject of how the idea that the earth is billions of years old became such an accepted belief, and is almost unquestioned by the current generation. Using Processional organization, he presented his speech through the years of different atheists and deists such as Jean Lamarck, and Pierre Laplace, as well as through the eyes of “liberal theologians” such as Thomas Chalmers, and George Stanley. Dr. Mortenson showed his audience through means of informative speech, how we should understand that the prevailing belief the world is billions of years old, did not happen overnight. Through his approach to the audience, his organizational process, and his informative strategy, Dr. Mortenson could effectively or inefficiently captivate and inform his audience or confuse them further on the subject.
Dr. Mortenson kept eye contact with his audience almost the entire time he spoke, only looking down briefly to read notes. Therefore, he kept the attention of those attending. When the speaker is
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Mortenson’s informative strategy was to provide and inform on the subject of history of scientific thought, how it progressed and the effects of it today. Upon first impression, the strategy was not clear and his points seemed random. A good use of visual aids assisted his information with pictures and words, so that what was spoken about was remembered. Nonetheless, as said before, an unclear take away point was perceived. Dr. Mortenson did simplify the scientific ideas into a form that all could understand, helping to present his information on a level that all can learn and comprehend the context. There was no motive given for why this information is important to listen to, which lessens the automatic attention that could be gained with a decent motive, and the desire for listeners to want to learn. His information flow was even, an abundance of time was not spent on any one idea, keeping the interest from fading too
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