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Dr. Tatiana’s sex advice to all creation
By: Olivia Judson The book Dr. Tatiana’s sex advice to all creation is a exhilarating, funny, and a illuminating experience. The book is composed of all possible creatures by letter about their sex lives that is explained by one person, Dr. Tatiana, a sex columnist in creation with a vigorous amount of knowledge of evolutionary biology. She displays a unique sense of humor when it goes with biology by mixing natural history with the advice of sex history, converging wit and rigor; she is able to reassure her anxious correspondents that make certain acts sound very amusing and unnatural. From Darwin’s theory of sexual selection to why sexual reproduction exists at all, she makes it in a way that not
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Very little males have small opportunities to find their mate and when they do find their mate, it is in their sheer will that they cannot make other males to compete with them when it comes to producing offspring. Some males in certain species such as the leopard will follow their mate around and scare other certain mates. This also introduces the writer known as Twiggy who expresses her concern about her experimented lovers. Female promiscuity puts your genes at risk since it’s no good seducing all the women in sight if none of them uses seminal fluid. According to Bateman’s principle “Males are evolved to make love, and females to make babies.” Females invest more and make few large, expensive eggs. For example, when a male honeybee reaches his climax, he explodes, his genitals ripped from his body with a loud snap. In Chapter 2 of the expense is damnable, almost all individuals of C. Elegans are female hermaphrodites, and a small minority, around one in a thousand, are certain true males, Based on XO sex alles (Hermaphrodites have XX) this would conclude that when self-inseminated, a common worm would lay birth to 300 eggs. In Chapter 3 Fruits of knowledge, this chapter shows the main importance of what are the important female roles when it comes to sexual reproduction. Females in many other species insist on trading sex for food, but in this situation, in species where females swap sex for food, loose females typically eat better and have more offspring. When Tatiana responded about some issues about perches, she explained that Females who would mate more have healthier children than girls who restrain themselves. If a proclivity for promiscuity is genetic, then yes, promiscuous behavior will be more common. She also explained that

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