Dr. Omalu's Point Of View In Concussion

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In Concussion, the camera’s point of view, the direct and indirect characterization, primarily linear plot, and symbolic gestures portray the impact that Dr. Omalu’s discovery has on his life and career. Throughout the film, the point of view allows for the audience to see and interpret the words and actions of the characters, but it does not allow the audience to hear any internal thoughts. This perspective is third person objective, and the camera can loosely be compared to a non-participant narrator, due to the narrative distance. The point of view enables the viewers’ understanding and elucidates the deeper meanings ingrained in the plot. The angle with which the movie is delivered with allows for direct and indirect characterization that adds depth to the roles. The direct characterization is found where the audience forms opinions based on the appearances of characters that is delivered by the camera. The actions and dialogue of the characters are categorized as indirect characterization, due to the furthering of complexity to the personalities through mannerisms and speech habits. Dr. Omalu is indirectly characterized as a very neat, intellectual, and kind individual. He is hard-working and determined, as exhibited in his fight with the NFL to publicly reveal the results of his…show more content…
Prema’s miscarriage is symbolic of Dr. Omalu’s loss of hope and determination for a brief period in his battle for the greater good. The NFL’s unwillingness to listen to the truth about concussions in professional football symbolizes society’s perpetual decision to remain ignorant in order to benefit itself. The symbolic actions are expressed through the primarily linear plot line, making them stronger and more comprehendible. The symbols and plot of the movie contribute to the movie’s powerful impact on the main character, Dr. Omalu, and the viewers

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