Dr. Onix Alternate Ending

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Dr. Onix squinted his eyes as he looked around the dimly lit room. The candles looked like firecrackers that illuminated the ominous painting hanging nearby. Besides the candles, and the paintings, and the desk, and the chairs, the doctor noticed nothing else in the vast room. It was just him, and realizing that he started to fidget in his seat. But the sound of footsteps coming out of nowhere startled him to ice. Wasn’t he alone?

“Good evening, Dr. Onix,” the sound of a deep baritone unfroze the doctor and made him leap out of his chair. He quickly looked around to see a man standing in front of the painting, clad in a uniform he’s never seen before and a pair of glasses. His hair was unusually slicked back, the doctor noticed, and it made him conscious of his tousled bed head. He went to pat his hair down as the man in the uniform spoke again.

“I’m going to get straight to the point,” the man spoke again. It snapped the doctor out of his diva phase and made him sit back in the chair. “First of all,
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Onix watched his family fly to the sun. It was gruesome slaving away in his lab trying desperately to find a way to let people live on the sun. He barely spent time with his wife, but he wouldn’t change the last months for anything. He and the team did it, people were going to live on the sun and his son would live.

To celebrate, he decided to go back to the room with the ominous painting to talk to E. Without him, he wouldn’t have been able to come this far in his work and save his child.

About to knock on the door, the doctor paused as he heard the same baritone voice that scared him out of his seat. It seemed like he was conversing with
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