Dr. Paul N. Abeyta Case Summary

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Name of the professional Dr. Paul N. Abeyta, M.D
Engaged in the professions of Sports medicine and orthopedic surgery
How did he decided on this occupation Dr. Abeyta has a faith that tremendous outputs can be attained with unambiguous treatment and conversation schemes that are customized to the individual necessities of patient. He put emphasis on wound deterrence and makes the most of a multidisciplinary group which comprises superiorly taught licensed athletic trainers and corporeal therapists. He believes that cautious diagnostic assessment, sympathetic care, and appliances of existing surgical technique and medical information are all vital for returning the patients to their pre-injury point of movement.
What training they had to work in the field
Education and training
Dr. Abeyta had attained the medical education from the “UCSF School of the Medicine”. He had taken the residency and internship from the “UCSF Medical Center”. He had attained the fellowship (s) from the “Stanford University Medical Center,
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Abeyta is working for the – “ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) injury, Pediatric sports medicine, Arthritis of knee and the hip, upper extremity and hand injuries” etc.
For future or the upcoming time, Dr. Abeyta has planned to work on the “advanced sports and arthroscopy medicine, instability of dislocation ankle, instability of patella, management of the injury of articular cartilage, reconstruction and repair of the tendon and ligament injuries of the elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, and hip”.
How they utilize health promotion on their occupation? Dr. Abeyta has interest in and is working for the community. He is engaged in the activities of the community as for: “UCSF Abbott Society, American Academy of Orthopedics Surgeons, and Health Volunteers Overseas”. From these activities inside community, Dr. Abeyta is promoting health in his occupation.
(Dr. Paul N. Abeyta, M.D.| Palo Alto Medical
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