Dr. Perlmutter's Grain Brain

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For many watching their weight, sugars and carbs are four letter words. Since the anti-carb crusades in the 90, dieters have learned to avoid breads and sweets like the plague. Now renowned neurologist (and close friend of Dr. Oz) David Perlmutter is exposing the deadly impact that wheat, sugar and carbs have not only on the body, but on the brain. Instaread is here to provide you with some of the most shocking facts from Dr. Perlmutter 's book, Grain Brain.

1. Grains are highly destructive to the health of the human brain.

It is a common misconception that whole wheat and multigrain products are healthier alternatives to white bread. But all grains are dangerous to the brain. When wheat grain became a dietary staple across much of the world, it began to accelerate the incidence of brain
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Humans require almost no carbohydrates at all in their daily diet to survive and even thrive. Furthermore, the human body did not evolve to eat such massive quantities of carbohydrates, even those from fruits, year round.

Dieters have fallen into the trap of relying too much on fruits as a weight loss tool. Although fructose is the lesser of several sweet evils, it does get processed by the body as sugar which hampers weight loss and accelerates the aging process. Worried about wrinkles and other fine lines? Forget anti-aging creams, just reduce your sugar intake!

3. Brain disease is most often caused by chronic inflammation. A gluten-heavy, carbohydrate-rich diet is strongly linked to this inflammation.

The body’s inflammatory response is not meant to be constantly in use. When an individual consumes a diet that reignites this response daily because of consumption of gluten and other carbohydrates, the brain bears the brunt of the damage over time. Brain disease isn 't simply hereditary, diet plays an important contributing role in neurodegenerative

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