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Before I viewed Dr. Phil Sakimoto's presentation my expectations were low because I did not see how the planets and stars connected to God in any way. I felt and thought that the presentation would not be physiological and more about the miracles of God’s works. While listening to the presentation it got me thinking. Dr. Sakimoto was sharing all sorts of facts to us and my mind was going crazy with amazement especially since I had low standards for the visit.
Three facts that stuck out to me were how small we are compared to the whole universe, the quantity of stars, and finding constellations. The first fact of how small we actually are is amazing. We are just one small planet going into orbit when there are black holes and constellations and the butterfly effect. The quantity of stars is insane. No one could count all of the stars in the universe there are millions, billions, or maybe even trillions. The stars that we can see have constellations. Each constellation has a connotation. For example, we can find zodiac sign in certain
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This presentation got me thinking about why God made us so small. Why didn’t he make us bigger? It made me wonder if maybe we are not the only living beings in the universe. Maybe God made us small to protect us from the “outside world” or other living beings such as aliens. This experience made me change how I felt about the role I play in the universe. I say this because I am more confused about God’s plan not only for me but for the whole universe. I wonder how he sees us compared to the universe.
In conclusion, God made us for reasons I think that are unknown to man. God has a plan for all of us that we aren’t yet aware of. In my mind, not knowing our exact outcome in life is just like not knowing how enormous the world is out there even past the naked eye. There is so much more to see in the world and that is what I understood from the

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