Dr Seuss Biography Essay

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Everyone knows the name Dr. Seuss many consider him as their childhood. He’s written so many memorable books that are still famous today. Dr. Seuss made his stories come to life to many children. Seuss had an ability of silliness and writing which lead him to numerous daily paper advertising contest. His mom constantly supported his works and dependably instructed him to never take no as an answer. Not only did he write stories but he also had many movies conducted from his stories.”Seuss however was a powerful poet. He’s one of the few to change the language” (A&E Television Network). Dr. Seuss’s success has basically paved the way for many artist, poets and filmmakers. On March 2,1904, a legend was born and he goes by the name Theodore Seuss Geisel. He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts a successful brewmaster. Seuss attended Dartmouth College,a private Ivy League research university, in Hanover, New Hampshire. He picked up acknowledgment at his school through his work. He became the editor in chief and this is when his stardom…show more content…
He created an imaginary land for children in his books which made them so popular. His books would appeal to children because of the vibrant colors each had. He proved to the world that books don 't always have to be boring they could also be fun and full of life and adventure. His style of writing is so different from others which made his work stand out even more. The best part about this is that Seuss loved his job he loved making children happy he loved putting a smile on peoples faces. In 1967, Helen Palmer,his wife, committed suicide because of cancer the following year Seuss got remarried to a long time friend named Audrey. Sadly on September 24, 1991 Theodore Giesel passed away his stories will forever remain in the hearts of many Americans and he will never be forgotten. As Dr. Seuss once said “Don 't cry because it 's over. Smile because it
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