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My author report is about someone everyone grew up reading about, Dr. Seuss. He’s not actually a doctor, though his father wanted him to be one. His real name is Theodor Geisel he is famous for a wide range of children’s books. His life started in 1904 and ended in 1991 his most know books are “Green Eggs and Ham” and, “The Cat in the Hat.” We all grew up reading “Green Eggs and Ham” and then trying it in kindergarten or 1st grade. This author’s writing reached an audience from children to older ages. The lessons in his books taught you to be yourself and to stand out because you were born too. His books all have lessons from changing the world and how you learn the best. His books also taught us about imagination and to embrace your inner…show more content…
(Fea). The article explores the impact of the works of children's literature author, Dr. Seuss to the society. The author describes the theme of Dr. Seuss writings which commonly depicts empowerment of children and old people which seemingly reflects the struggle of people on various issues in the real world including racism, environmental destruction, and militarism. The author also describes the symbolism in the story "Cat in the Hat."…show more content…
He has a moral message in most of his books like “The Lorax” was about environmental destruction. THE LORAX (197D APPEARED AS THE environmental movement was just emerging, less than a year after the first Earth Day. Geisel later called it "straight propaganda" -- a polemic against pollution -- but it also contains some of Geisel's most creative made-up words, like "cruf-fulous croak" and "smogulous smoke." The book opens with a small boy listening to the Once-ler tell the story of how the area was once full of Truffula trees and Bar-ba-loots and was home to the Lorax. But the greedy Once-ler -- clearly a symbol of business -- cuts down all the trees to make thneeds, which "everyone, everyone, everyone needs." The lakes and the air become polluted, there is no food for the animals, and it becomes an unlivable place. The fuzzy yellow Lorax (who speaks for the trees, "for the trees have no tongues") warns the Once-ler about the devastation he's causing, but his words are ignored. The Once-ler cares only about making more things and more money. "Businesss is business! / And business must grow," he says. At the end, surveying the devastation he has caused, the Once-ler shows some remorse, telling the boy: "Unless someone like you / cares a whole awful lot / nothing is going to get better / It's not." The book attacks corporate greed and excessive consumerism, themes that remind some readers of

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