Dr. Seuss The Butter Battle Book Analysis

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Almost everyone in the world can say they recognize the name of “Dr. Seuss,” the author of The Butter Battle Book. His clever use of many different variants of satirical devices makes his work truly irreplaceable. He has many more classics, many even more infamous than The Butter Battle Book, such as Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and Green Eggs and Ham. The use of parody and reversal in his works really leaves a unique mark in them. Seuss is also very good at using hyperbole very effectively. Dr. Seuss may be one of the best examples of exaggeration in literature. Seuss writes, “Then my grandfather said, “It’s high time that you knew of the terribly horrible thing that Zooks do. In every Zook house and in every Zook…show more content…
Seuss writes, ““So you can’t trust a Zook who spreads bread underneath! Every Zook must be watched! He has kinks in his soul! That’s why, as a youth, I made watching my goal, watching Zooks for the Zook-Watching Border Patrol!” This line is a parody of real life, where people fight, and disagree over the stupidest things. Seuss later writes a line that’s still relevant to this day, ““I have failed, sir,” I sobbed as I made my report to the Chief Yookeroo in the headquarters fort. He just laughed. “You’ve done nothing at all of the sort. Our slingshots have failed. That was old-fashioned stuff. Slingshots, dear boy, are not modern enough.” The line is still relevant to this day because it’s really a parody of how people continue to try to top others in terms of weaponry. At the time this was written, that topic was even more relevant because of the Cold War. Seuss later says, ““Grandpa!” I shouted. “Be careful! Oh, gee! Who’s going to drop it? Will you…? Or will he…? “Be patient,” said Grandpa. “We’ll see. We will see…”” This line is possibly the most impactful line of this entire book, because it’s essentially a grandpa telling his grandson that the entire future of everything is in the hands of him and this guy from across the border. All of these examples prove that Dr. Seuss is a master of not only parody, but nearly all satirical
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