Examples Of Growth Mindset Essay

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When you fail it feels like the whole world was watching you make that mistake, or come short of your goal.This mindset will not do you anyone good though; you can't dwell on your shortcomings, and you have to move forward. Dr. Allan states “winning isn’t everything growing is”; this is true based off of American nonfiction, major works, and poems. Examples that justify Dr. Allans’ statement can be found in American nonfiction writings. For example, “Growth mindset. It’s the mindset that almost every successful athlete ... has” and used it to improve their game (Pharm 4). This statement shows how the growth mindset has helped many great athletes get to the level that they are today with allowing themselves to grow with their failures. It also gives the notion that winning is not the most important thing, but rather learning and growing as an athlete is. Martin Luther King calls the freedom fighters “The ground…show more content…
If you “Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine./Meanwhile the world goes on” and does not take notice of either person's despair (Oliver L 6). Even if you fail and despair overcomes you the earth still moves on, and you have to grow from that failure and move on with the world. Growing with your failures will keep you from repeating your failures. “Lives of great men all remind us/We can make our lives sublime,” through hard work and dedication (Longfellow L 24). We can learn from our failures and grow from them to try to be more like those great men. We can also learn from these great men on how they learned from their mistakes. The Nautilus has been trapped but “Still, as the spiral grew,/He left the past year’s dwelling for the new” as the nautilus grow (Holmes L 17-18). The Nautilus did not know the meaning of perfection, yet the nautilus still grew regardless. It kept growing, because the soul wants to grow no matter
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