Dr Strangelove Analysis

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“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” or as it’s known as “Dr.

Strangelove” is considered one of the greatest American movies from the 1900s. It was

published in 1964 and was categorized a comedy film. It was mainly about the Cold War fears of

a nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. The story of the movie was

about a crazy United States Air Force General, who wanted to start a nuclear attack on the Soviet

Union. This nuclear attack was not ordered by the president of the United States and his advisors.

Dr. Strangelove was directed by a famous American film producer named Stanley

Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick was one of the greatest American contributors to the cinema in the

20th century. He directed
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Meanwhile, the only one that knew the codes to recall the plane was the crazy general

named Ripper.

The Cold War is a term given to the intense relationship between the United States and

the Soviet Union. This intensity was during the period after the Second World War. The clash

between these two countries was due to several reasons. First of all, both of these countries were

trying to end each other use of nuclear weapons. Therefore, both countries worked hard to create

more nuclear weapons because they were scared of each other. Each country was in fear that the

other country would surprisingly attack it for no reason. The second cause of the Cold War was

because of religion. It was a fight because of different beliefs such as communism and

capitalism. The Soviet Union believed in communism while the United States believed in

capitalism at that time.

The relationship between the Cold War and the movie is clear. First of all, neither side

fought the other, but they were always living in fear scared from any unexpected explosion. Both

of these countries made insane decisions during that period. For example, the problem that Jack

Ripper achieved in the movie in which he ordered people to attack the Soviet Union with
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