Dr Strangelove Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear weapons and the technology surrounding them have developed tremendously over the past fifty-sixty years. Many questions have risen since the beginning of the creation of nuclear weapons and whether or not nations should be trusted with these weapons. In this paper we are discussing whether or not the United States of America and the Soviet Union should be trusted with nuclear weapons. I think both the Unites States and the Soviet Union should be trusted with weapons of this caliber. There are a couple reasons why I think they both should be trusted. Nuclear weapons will always be known as the most destructible weapon on Earth, but also the best way to threaten someone. If a country wanted something done and it was not getting done they…show more content…
Strangelove there were some legitimate facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis and then parts that were stretched to make the movie enjoyable for the public. An important part in the movie was when General Jack Riper order for the Airborne alert planes to attack the USSR and drop nuclear bombs on them. In the actual Cuban Missile Crisis the United States never sent a plane to bomb Russia. If they would have ordered for this to happen it would have been coming from President John F. Kennedy instead of an army general. Another miscue from the movie to the actual event was the way the president handled himself. President Kennedy was aggressive when it came to the Cuban Missile Crisis. As soon as John F. Kennedy was elected president his first mission was to take out Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Even though he failed he struck first instead of taking the back seat like the president in Dr. Strangelove did. In the movie the president sat back and worried about all the consequences that could come from starting a war or making the first move. This scene in the movie is another good example why both nations should be trusted with nuclear weapons. If one party’s leader is too shy to use the weapons the other country will resort to a much less destructive war. Something the movie did get right with relation to the Cuban Missile Crisis was who America had building their nuclear weapons. Most American’s believe that it was our own citizens who built and designed the technology for the atomic bomb, but they are wrong. Many of the scientists who designed and built America’s nuclear weapons were ex-Nazis. The Nazi’s had already started making their own nuclear weapons before the United States did so when they came over to America they became head scientist in the nuclear field. In the movie Dr. Strangelove who was a former Nazi was in charge of building the nuclear bomb for the United

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