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As the only live action film made by Dr. Suess, this movie comes with and expectation of the fantastical. To say that is delivers, would be an understatement. In a movie that originally failed, new viewers are finding the whimsy they’ve always wanted. The movie brilliantly brings to life the world of Dr. Suess books, and has been acclaimed for its visuals. But for once, the fantastical elements we love are being connected to the antagonist. In a contrary theme to the classic Dr. Suess tales, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. Terwiliker (1953) exalts the everyday man. Notably, the appearance of the antagonist and his supporters was very fantastical compared to the relatively normal look of the good guys. Dr. Terwiliker (the antagonist) and Mr. Zabladowski (helper to the protagonist) especially contrast each other in wardrobe. Dr. Terwiliker wears very…show more content…
Terwiliker and Mr. Zabladowski can be observed through the settings we find them in. Dr. Terwiliker, to start with, has very lavish rooms. The rooms have many luxury items and are located higher up in the movie’s world. These contribute to the notion that he is very high-class and superior. In opposition, Mr. Zabladowski is surrounded by work tools and located in the dark basement. This sets up the feeling that he is just a lowly working being hid away in some corner. Emphasizing these simple aspects of Mr. Zabladowski, but allowing him to wins sends a subtle message. The average person should be esteemed. In short, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. Tweriliker exalts the everyday man through subtle production elements. Showing such everyday characters win truly connects audiences to the narrative. The ability to relate to the characters, despite the whimsical setting and issues, puts this movie on a higher level. The astounding and perfectly stylized visuals thoroughly sets this movie as a classic as well. It is no wonder that this movie has found a new cult status among viewers in this

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