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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a dedicated surgeon that has provided treatment to thousands of people over her career. The fact is that Walden was destined for a high profile medical career from the start. Her parents were in the medical industry. Therefore, Dr. Walden received early exposure to the type of dedication and caring required to pursue a medical career. Even a well-meaning teacher thought that the young Jennifer had the hands of a surgeon. This thought followed her through her young life and led to her eventually pursuing a medical career. Walden received an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. Later on, Walden receive a medical doctorate degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Early Career After completing her residency in Texas, she moved to New York. Certainly, this was a big move for a Texas woman. However, she received great training, working along side some of the best plastic surgeons in the country. Of course, Walden felt a strong dedication to her career. However, she had strong feelings about motherhood. She decided to start a family and became a single mother by choice. Later on, Walden returned to Texas with her twin boys. Now, Dr. Walden is learning to balance her busy life. She is dedicated to providing the best care possible to her patients and making sure that her twin sons receive the best upbringing possible. Dr. Walden believes that the decision to move back to Texas was the best choice for her and her sons. People in Texas seem to agree. She has received numerous awards.…show more content…
Jennifer Walden Dr. Jennifer Walden is a top plastic surgeon and truly dedicated to her profession. Presently, she manages a private plastic surgery practice that is based in Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a media representative and commentator for her

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