Dr. Watson Character Analysis

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Dr. Watson
The full name of Dr. Watson is Dr. John H. Watson and he is a friend and colleague of Sherlock Holmes and lives with Holmes in a House. Watson is also a doctor and he has a doctor title. He isn’t married and we don’t know how old he is. His father and older brother are both death. Watson owns a Bulldog but we don’t know its name. Earlier, Watson was an army doctor but he got hurt and now, he limps and needs a walking stick. He smoks tabacco and likes to read books. Watson is right hander and loves horse races.

Dr. Watson is a nice and friendly man. He likes to help other peoples. He is educated and really brave. Watson has a lot of notable characterisation says Holmes. Holmes is very happy that he as Watson
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How ist the character relevant tot he plot?
What part does he play ?
Watson is a good friend and a colleague of Holmes. First he goes alone with Sir Henry to Dartmoor and because Holmes isn`t there he ist he most important character in this time. He is the narrator of the story and we read the story in his view.
He is an apprentice of Holmes and he learns a lot about his Work. Watson always helps Holmes and he gives him informations about Sir Henry, Stapleton and the Barrymores.
Watson finds out that a criminal is escaped from the prison and is hiding in the moor and he was the one, who has seen Barrymore sending light signals tot he criminal. It was Watsons idea to search this stranger in the moor together with Sir Henry. In the night they search the criminal Watson finds a second Stranger, it`s Sherlock Holmes.
Watson also finds out that Sir Henry is in love with Beryl Stapelton and together with Holmes he finds out in the end oft he story that Beryl isn`t Stapeltons sister, she is his wife.
Watson is important because he finds out a lot, he has a military education and he is a doctor. Holmes thinks that he and Watson are a good team because he finds that Watson is a completement with his normality to his own unusual character. Holmes admires Watson for his character and his
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Watson we wouldn`t know the story because he is the narrator of the story.
Dr. Watson is very loyal and he would do everything for Sherlock Holmes. He always helps him and without Dr. Watson Holmes couldn`t do everything so easy. In the beginning oft he story Watson first goes alone with Sir Henry Baskerville to Dartmmoor because Holmes has been defeated in London. Watson doesn`t exactly know what Holmes hast o do but he trusts him and he does what Holmes says. Because he goes alone with Sir Henry he is first more important for the story than Holmes.
When he is in Baskerville hall he often writes letters to Holmes and he tells him everything he found out. He knows a lot about the work of Holmes, so he knows what he hast o do and what Holmes hast o know. Watson is a doctor and he knows a lot. So he learns fast and he is clever. He learns fast and He`s interested in what Holmes does.Of course that`s really helpful for Holmes because he doesn`t have to do a lot in this time and he can concentrate on other things. Because Watson is a doctor he can also heal people and he knows when someone is
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