Dr. Yu Tsun Analysis

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1. Paraphrase: The narrator, Dr. Yu Tsun, recounts that his plan was undeniably risky and that he is a weakling. Yet, his intention was not to fight for Germany, since he describes it as a barbaric country. Instead, removing the Leader’s racial disdain for Tsun’s race, is the main reason. After collecting his thoughts, the narrator transitions back to his storytelling, explaining that he made a quick escape with a cab instead of a train. Thus, reasoning that this would increase success. In reality, he is afraid of the vulnerability in the streets. Slowly, he stops to buy a ticket from a station further away from his destination in the village of Ashgrove. The platform is barely vacant, with a few people accompanied by distinct features as a result of the war. Finally, when the train pulls to a halt, Dr. Tsun…show more content…
Interpretation: By reading, readers may notice that the narrator prefers to go on tangents, he goes from dubbing Germany barbaric and comparing an English man to a renowned German writer, to planning his escape from Madden. He masks his disdain for being a German spy with the intent to prove to an unidentified Leader that people of his race are capable of success. Written in 1940 during World War I, the Literature Function of Representation is used to represent the racial tensions that occurred. Dr. Tsun’s account not only describes how the war affected women and soldier men, by those he saw on the platform, but also the poor treatment that People of Color, particularly the Chinese, had during the war. The fact, that he begins the passage with “I am a coward,” also indicates that although he wants to bravely represent his people, he is fearful. The scene where he says goodbye to himself in the mirror, could also imply that he dies or something is going to be symbolically or literally taken away from him,. In contrast, the narrator is very astute, and the chilling discovery that he spots Capt. Richard Madden right away, infers that he is also very
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