Draco Malfoy: A Short Story

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Draco Malfoy hated Christmas. He hated it with a burning passion, and about this time every year, the fire was ignited again. It was December 1st. A wonderful day, had you asked any other Londoner, but to Draco Malfoy all of December was nothing more than a month of greediness and lies.
Ever since he was little, this beloved holiday had meant absolutely nothing to him. The mansion he lived in was decorated and filled to the top with ornaments and tinsel, but it felt emptier than ever. His parents were generous, sure, but only as far as Christmas gifts went. Love was a luxury in the Malfoy Manor. At least that’s what his father used to say. But Draco loved him regardless, and had he been a little boy, he’d long for Christmas morning when he’d
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His father allowed him one aesthetic subject and he’d chosen creative writing. But he’d barely get anything done. He was lacking inspiration, and writer’s block might just be the worst illness a person could ever get.

The mall was crammed with erratic people running from store to store, making the whole scene look like a 20’s silent film. There was Christmas music blasting from the speakers and every note of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ made Draco want to barf. His Christmas spirit had lessened as December went by, and now he had to find a present in this sea of madness.
Not only did he have to find a present, though. He had to find the perfect one for Harry Potter. What did he know about Potter? Apart from being loud and slightly obnoxious, there wasn’t much to know about him. He was popular, well-known, athletic. He liked geography and world literature, Draco had these classes with him and Potter was always ahead of everyone else, including Draco. Maybe he should give him a world map? Or perhaps an old book by one of Potter’s favourite authors, like Charles Dickens? No, anyone could think of those gifts.
He decided to make a list in his head, of things Potter liked and things he didn’t.
Things Potter likes:
• Reading
• Reading the
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