Dracula And The Vampire Literature

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In spite of the fact that tales or myths about vampires arose in the beginnings of the 1700’s, with literary works from authors such as Robert Southey, who is well known for being the first writer to ever mention Vampires in the English Literature with his poem “ Thalaba The Destroyer ”, till today the most significant and outstanding pieces of literature to mention vampires rose in the 1900’s. In 1897, the tale “ Dracula ” by Bram Stoker soon became known as the birth of the vampire literature and carried on to be one of the main inspirations and icons of the vampirism culture. Through “ Dracula ” Bram Stoker developed a more captivating and engaging vampire that would differ from the bland and dull vampires that emerged in the 1700’s and 1800’s. “ Dracula ” introduced new conventions and Apotropaics, such as stakes, holy water, crucifixes, which would afterward make their way into upcoming literary works. “ Salem’s Lot ” is one of those outstanding pieces of literature introduced in the 1900’s, it is a impeccable portrayal of how vampires look and act.

Salem’s Lot is centered on the novelist Ben Mears who returns to his hometown in Maine, Jerusalem 's Lot to write a novel on the horrors he experienced in the Marsten House. Ben shortly becomes fully aware of the horrors and predominance of vampires in the town. Stephen King did get his inspiration from Bram Stoker and his inspiration is the only reason for why he portrays the vampires in such way.
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