Dracula And Van Helsing Analysis

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A battle between good and evil is a common plot to Dracula. The forces of evil, Count Dracula and other vampires (the un-dead), try to take over Britain. The novel heroes Dr. Van Helsing, Dr. John Seward, Johnathan Haker, Quincy Morris, and Arthur Holmwood are the first responders for this evil invasion of the British Empire. In the novel the characters Dracula and Van Helsing play a major role for being the leaders of their respective groups, therefore they controlled the actions of their groups. Dracula’s actions in the novel have the purpose to flourish the rise of the un-dead, while Van Helsing’s actions aim to preserve and protect the human race. Despite working for the polar opposites, Dracula and Van Helsing are not completely different from each other. In the sea of differences between both characters a few similarities can be found. As mentioned earlier both counterparts are leaders of the un-dead and of the fighting human race respectively. Van Helsing is a doctor, he is a practitioner of medicine. He is supposed to represent science and advancement, yet he relies in the use of old fashioned or ancient practices to resolve conflicts in the novel. Dracula himself has been roaming the world for centuries; he is ancient. In a way his practices are ancient…show more content…
She is Dracula’s first victim in Britain, and later in the novel she is the first vampire to be killed. Van Helsing is a doctor from Holland-quote. Seward treats him as dear friend, and as a mentor. For everything Van Helsing plans and diagnoses is always considered the best option and rarely contradicted-quote. In this mist of mystery Dracula sets, Van Helsing is the light that sets the pathway out of it. Yet the doctor acts in mysterious ways. For example, his conclusions are not revealed until a tipping point has been reached, such as why Lucy’s body needed to be decapitated and have her heart pull
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