Dracula Passage Analysis

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Turning a passage of Dracula into a book cover.

I have read the book Dracula published in 1887, by Bram Stoker. Jonathan Harker, a lawyer, travels to Transylvania in order to help his client count Dracula, who intends to immigrate to England and who needs Jonathan's help with the legal details. Harker is at first glance much impressed by the count but is soon creeped out by Dracula's ability to claim on walls, speak to wolves and by his lack of servants in his castle. Harker realises too late that he is being held as a prisoner and approximately escapes the castle with his life being on hold. The continuation of the book is written in different perspectives and contains telegrams, rapports and pieces of news articles.

Dark, mysterious
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Jonathan has just arrived and is standing outside Dracula's miraculous castles door waiting to be admitted by the count. While standing there Jonathan takes into detail how the door is poorly aged, stubbed with large iron nails and is set in a projecting doorway of massive stone with no bell or knocker. He is thinking to himself that no one will hear him if he shouts thanks to the frowning walls and the dark windows. Jonathan starts pondering over what sort of adventure he has embarked. After a long wait, the count opens the door and lets him inside. In my opinion this passage is essential to the story, considering how it introduces the reader to Dracula and his home. It could be observed as the beginning of this book's long adventure. Another factor to why I picked this passage was by the virtue of how excellent it could be as a book cover. The buyer would be intrigued by said scenario and be curious to find out more about the…show more content…
The back wouldn't have a regular description of Dracula, just the famous quote “There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.” in silver lettering wrapped around with dark roses. I also desire to design the hard cover book underneath the dust jacket. The book's theme is gothic for this reason making the hardcover book black comprehended with a pattern of bats in metallic gold emphasizes the storyline but also makes it more interesting for the reader, since it often appears that hardcover books usually only have a interesting dust
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