Dracula Character Analysis

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An Irish novelist, short-story writer and essayist, Bram Stoker is one of the best and well-known author who developed his famous work, Dracula. Bram Stoker was originally derived from his real and full name, Abraham Stoker. He was born in Clontarf, Ireland on November 8, 1847. He is raised by his mother named, Charlotte Matilda Blake Thornley Stoker and his father Abraham Stoker. One of seven children, young stoker suffered from illness that left him bedridden and unable to move for years, yet the influence he got from his mother, telling him cruel and vivid tales didn’t stop him to begin shaping his imaginative mind, luckily, he was able to recover at the of 7. In 1864, Stoker enrolled at the University of Dublin and later attended Trinity …show more content…

Starting Jonathan Harker, a lawyer who hired by the firm to assist count’s properties and plans. Little did he know that he is manipulated by Dracula, he is imprisoned clueless until unnecessary and things began to initiate, leading him what the real Dracula is. The antagonist, Count Dracula gives thrill to the story, making it undeniably suspense. The scene then shifted to England, where Mina, Harker’s fiancé lives. Mina Murray is a perfect embodiment of innocence, purity and virtuous being. Accompanied by Lucy Westenra, the bestfriend, possesses the beauty of Aphrodite. Lucy suffered from decease and eventually died even if she’s treated hardly, in many ways by Dr. John Seward, a young doctor who dedicates himself in treating Lucy’s illness even though he has a history with Lucy rejecting his proposal, the love he has for her still remains. A Dutch professor], Van Helsing then appeared when mina approached him, a former teacher of Seward, also helps Lucy. Knowlegeable about vampire folklore, Helsing become the top enemy of Dracula. Arthur Holmwood plays the role of a fiancé to Lucy, brave enough to offer Lucy his blood to kill her demonic form. Quincey Morris act as a heroine, sacrificing his life in order to get rid Dracula’s deeds. Renfield, stand as a patient of Dr. Seward, believes in vitality and strength the flies, birds etc. can gave. Lastly, Mrs. Westenra, Lucy’s mother. Every …show more content…

I was thrilled enough to even think that I am the precise victim and what I should do if this really happens. Smartly, he grasp into the hold of Dracula, thought that it’s the end but actually it is only the beginning of his fight, their fight against Dracula. It triggered my curiosity on what will happen next even I can’t understand it because of the language used. I’m a bit uncomfortable knowing the fact that I am really not fond of reading an old and classic novel. It is really exciting. Like I said, Dracula is hard to understand especially when it is you first time to read, there are several unfamiliar words to be search for you to understand a statement, clearly. It is written in a Gothic style, a style of writing in the midst of 12th to 13th century, if I am not mistaken. On the other hand, it will teach you to read classic, I am persuaded, really. I like vampire stories, and this book gives me a set of idea at the same time a change of ideas about the character traits vampires do possess. It will drift you to the different beliefs that you will just think the big difference of each Culture. I enjoyed, almost, I’m just devastated with its language. The words are really deep that it takes me 5 index cards of vocabulary word, it takes time to fully understand the sarcasm and the joke. Here’s the last part, fellows, I am recommending this book to you, not just because I am required to do so, but this is something you

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