Dracula Good Vs Evil Analysis

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Good versus Evil is an important concept. Evil sometimes overcomes our good but never exceeds good. The difference between evil and good is that good is an ability to have empathy and compassion towards other people. Evil is people who are selfish, self-absorbed and don’t have empathy towards others. Literature plays a vital role in developing concepts of good and evil and effectively portrays the morals of its time period. In the novels Dracula, the strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the authors explore the human nature of good and evil in men from different perspectives of Dracula, renfield, Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll. To begin with, good and evil is the biggest theme in the novel The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There is a huge amount of good involved in the novel like the good side of Dr. Jekyll. He was explained as from Mr.Utterson a longtime friend who was always there for him. Speaking of Mr. Utterson, in the novel he is really in the mix of both but I really think he is good. In the novel they described him as “loveable” (2). He is truly the one that tries to fight the evil and had a lot of influential power on others. Also on page two from the Strange Case of Dr.Jekyyl and Mr. Hyde “It was worse when it began to be clothed upon with detestable attributes; and out of the shifting, insubstantial mists that…show more content…
Hyde is that it shows us the role Evil plays in our life. That the evil is born in us is just a matter of how we allow it to affect our life. In the novel Dr.Jekyll creates this potion that changes him into a totally different person. But in reality it’s just him but as an evil form of him. So in the story Mr. Hyde is representing the evil that Dr.Jekyll has. Hyde creates terror; the servants are scared of him and start to cringe in horror. Throughout the novel Hyde’s evil grows and becomes stronger. Dr.Jekyll good was being sucked by the evil in
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