Meet The Drag Queen Analysis

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Meet the Drag Queen defying the odds

On the front-line of the LGBTQIA movement in Tunisia, A Trans non-binary drag queen is revolutionizing the movement and the leading the fight for equal rights
It is 1 p.m and Khoukha is one hour late.The door bell rings , she is here , something electrifies the whole apartment , she is the center of attention , she starts her performance.
She did not come to disappoint. And like her performances, the perfection was real.
She takes off her glasses and starts greeting us .Her eyebrows are totally shaved off .Something I only noticed after a while.
The word Drag Queen brings into mind stereotypical image of someone with a lot of make-up, extravagant fashion and a personality larger than life, and even though this is true, Drag is not all fun and games. To create this persona, this alter ego, drag queens carry inside a story that is
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An unfortunate reality that, 30 years old Khoukha has to face , but she is not the only one and she is aware of that , her community is disproportionally affected by unemployment .
As for her activism, she believes that there has been some change but a lot needs to be done “In addition to homophobia, there are other issues that affect us, there’s the hierarchy that needs to be dismantled, masculine upper middle class gay men are on top of this hierarchy while the transgender community and the non binary is at the bottom, and is often forgotten”
This may explain her choice of not trimming down her beard; she makes sure that her identity is visible and that it would be erased. However, her eyebrows are trimmed off, a sacrifice to the art that she embodies. “My art is all about crossing gender lines, questioning the

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