Chinese Dragon Symbolism

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The Symbolism of the Chinese Dragon in Ancient and Modern Popular Chinese Culture Chinese Dragons have been symbolic of power and strength all throughout history and continues into present-day. The Chinese Dragon plays a major role in current popular culture and media exploration. Not only can you find them in films such as Disney’s Mulan, but also in artwork, modern and traditional dances, and writings. Chinese Dragons are essential to the culture of modern, traditional, and ancient Chinese society. They are present in many aspects of life from film and festivals to mascots and astrology. The Chinese Dragon is a mythical and mystic creature that is found all throughout Chinese legends and folklore. The most common form that Chinese…show more content…
An idiom is an expression that is not predictable from the usual meanings of the world. Idioms are often particular to certain languages or peoples. The Chinese have some very distinct idioms and many of them revolve around dragons. The most famous idiom that is recognizable today is “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (卧虎藏龙) which means talented individuals in hiding. Director Ang Lee made a movie by the same name in 2000 which is a popular film known all over the world and has launched a specific aspect of the Chinese language into the living rooms of millions of people. Dragon idioms are used in everyday life, like sayings in English. Some common dragon idioms…show more content…
The Chinese Dragon is an important working part in Chinese astrology. The Chinese Dragon supposedly symbolizes a person of great character, a natural born leader, and indicates a long-life expectancy. The Chinese zodiac works on a twelve-year cycle. The year of the Dragon comes every twelve years, the next being 2024. Another modern use for the Chinese dragon is in Dragon boat races. Dragon boats are human propelled water vessels that are traditionally decorated with the image of the dragon. Though the dragon boat races originated in Asia and the boats were first produced in China’s southern Guangdong Province, dragon boat races have expanded across the globe. They are popular in America today as well, they even have their own racing circuit. One other way that the Chinese Dragon has carried on with time is its inclusion in festivals and dances. The Chinese Dragon is a central part of festivities that take place for Chinese New Year. The Dragon Dance is preformed where a long dragon that is constructed of bamboo hoops and shiny fabric is held aloft by dancers and paraded through the streets. This has become symbolic of Chinese New Year traditions in the media

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