Renda Roberts Narrative

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Clarenda Roberts is 19, she has long golden hair, tall and she is skinny, Clarenda is an only child. Her father’s name is Ricky Roberts, he is a blacksmith. Her mother’s name is Christina, she is a tailor (people who fix clothes). People call Clarenda just Renda. Everyone knew her. Renda didn’t get along with people that well, she only had a few friends and a boyfriend, his name is Chris. Renda and her family live in a village in ancient Canada, she has never been anywhere else. When Renda was 13 years old her best friend Ashley was killed by a dangerous dragon. The people call this dragon Nario. Ever since then Renda has been training to become one of the dragon slayers and to avenge her friend Ashley. The dragon lives deep in the forest…show more content…
They set off into the forest, but what they don’t know is that Chris decided to follow them. The girls come upon this cave, it was very dark and creepy… worse than the forest. On their way through, they hear something to their right and began to run, but Bridgett tripped and fell so Renda has to help her, but then a dragon comes out of nowhere and starts attacking them. The dragon was a dark red color. They could tell when the dragon breathed fire. It was very hard to see, the dragon clawed Bridgett’s leg but Renda finally killed the dragon. It was very hard for Bridgett to walk but they finally made it out of the cave…show more content…
As soon as the rock hit, the dragon started looking for them Renda stabs the dragon in the back once then Bridgett also stabs him in the back. Renda took another stab at Nario but missed and fell to the ground at that moment Nario whipped around to face Renda. Bridgett panicked and began to throw stuff at the dragon and yell. Nario didn’t turn. Bridgett had to do something quick, she knew she couldn’t take the dragon on by herself. So she went to free Chris so he could help save
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