Dragons Love Tacos Book Report

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I chose to read, “Dragons Love Tacos,” and “The Giving Tree” to two ELL students at Hope Community Charter School. “Dragons Love Tacos,” according to scholastics, has an interest level from grades K to 2nd while its reading level is 3.1. “The Giving Tree” is also geared towards grades k through 2nd. However, its reading level is 2.6. “The Giving Tree,” is a classic story about a young boy growing up and his relationship with a female tree. “Dragons Love Tacos,” is a captivating book about how a young boy throws a taco party for a bunch of dragons.

When I got to Hope Community both ELL students were female. One student is in Kindergarten (student A) and the other student is in Second Grade (Student B). I do not know much about them, but both of their parents are from El Salvador. The student’s first languages are Spanish and Spanish is the primary language spoken at home. Student A was more talkative than student B. However, student B was more excited about reading both books.

When I pulled out the books, at first both students wanted to read it rather than me reading it. Student A instantly wanted to read “Dragons Love Tacos,” so we first read that book first. Once we chose which
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Do you think they are spicy,” “What do you think will happen?,” and “Did you like the book?” I decided to ask these questions because both students enjoyed the text-to-self questions. However, I also asked them questions that required them to infer what might happen. Student A was more eager to answer my questions while Student B was quieter. This might have been so because Student A told me she has read this book before. When I asked them to guess what might happen next, both student A and B were typically

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