Dragonwings Analysis

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Dragonwings is a book about a boy named Moon Shadow and his dad, Windrider. It’s a historical book written by Laurence Yep. The main characters are Moon Shadow and his dad,who push through many obstacles using knowledge, to survive and accomplish Windrider’s dream. Moon Shadow’s father taught Moon Shadow many things, like the english language. Windrider teaches Moon Shadow how knowledge is power through language, practical skills and dreams. Windrider teaches Moon Shadow how knowledge is power through language. In the book, Moon Shadow says,”Because Father could speak more than the others, he always got that job,and he usually takes me along.” In this quote Windrider shows Moon Shadow that he was able to work as a laundry man because of his knowledge in the american language. Moon Shadow now knows that language is power, as it can help him get a better job. Moon Shadow also says,”All day during the day, Uncle and Father would keep up a conversation with me using what they know of the demons’ tongue and they made me read magazines and newspapers…” This quote shows Windrider teaching Moon Shadow how to read. This allows him to know about the demons, making him aware. Using this new language Moon Shadow is able to write a letter to the Wright brothers, and even get a response and diagrams of an aeroplane. This helps Windrider and Moon Shadow become one step closer to accomplishing Windrider’s dream. Windrider taught Moon Shadow how knowledge is power and Moon Shadow was able
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