Drake University Reflection

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Drake University is a primordially white school and has some touch of color here and there on campus. Therefore, this leads to a bigger problem because Drake doesn't fit the needs of their students, faculty and staff. Certain programs aren't implemented to help an individual adjust to a new environment because the majority take over the minority. Students of color sometimes don't know about multi-cultural organizations because they aren't introduced to them from the beginning. They also don't see themselves represented in orientation leaders, student ambassadors or faculty. The social logic environment of Drake is white.
I'm a 19-year-old immigrant Latina that falls as a minority in legal status and color. My identities had never been so clear
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I expected to get lost at least 10 times but I successfully didn't. Before my first day at Drake I had heard from couple people that I was going to be 1 of 2 or 3 people of color in most of my classes. I didn't except that to be true but it was, in my first-year seminar I was 1 out of 4 people of color. I thought to myself those numbers are better than the ones I heard from people but I was still surprised to see the lack of students of color in the classroom. This made me more nervous to speak out and give my opinion because in my mind I thought I will be looked at differently due to my diverse background. As we got more into the class and discussed social issues I saw more white students speak out with information I wasn't even aware of. After that I felt more comfortable to speak out but before I was scared because of the color of my skin, it's almost like I needed the approval of a white person to speak my…show more content…
This was my life throughout my high school career. At Drake I've met students who have advised me that it's not my job to educate people on issues they aren't familiar with. I also get that same message from Drake when they send out surveys to tackle diversity, religion and political beliefs. Through those surveys Drake gathers information on how students feel in their classrooms and if are inclusive to everybody. Recently I took a survey specifically for the school of journalism and mass communication that focused on the environment of the school and how the school can become a better place for students. This survey gathers information from everyone no matter if they have different beliefs because it is a private survey.
Drake doesn't only send out surveys, they also hold people accountable who have shown behavior not supported by the school. Drake has had incidents where racial slurs have been written around campus, Drake has taken action to find the people responsible and find a punishment that fits the crime. Through their consequences Drake sends out a message that unwanted behavior will not be tolerated in our
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