Drake Steinbrock Research Paper

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My best friends are two of the funniest people I know one of my friends is Drake Steinbrock I known Drake Steinbrock ever since I came to Clifton-Clyde he’s always been a really funny person whenever you're mad he will make you laugh he has always been one of my best friends. As we grew up I always known drake as a really athletic person ever since Drake and I started to play football way back in Youth NCK football, but when middle school football it was way more competitive which is how Drake was he was always one of the fastest kids in the whole school. Which leads me to how athletic he was in track Drake and I did the hurdles and he was always pushing himself to do better which kinda caught onto me he’s also the reason why I do good in…show more content…
When you do get something its pretty exciting especially when your with your friends.
Last is what Drake likes to listen to which is rap he’s really picky about what kind of rap he likes soul rap which is rap but slow. His kind of music he likes to listen to is country which I’m not a fan of, but Drake is he’s kinda a redneck and sometimes a city slicker just depends on the day I would say he likes rap better.
My other friend is Tanner Thompson which is one the the funniest and craziest friends I have ever had he’s the definition of redneck like Drake but not has redneck. Tanner he is pretty athletic when it comes to sports especially in weights he’s a really hardworking person that gives one-hundred percent every thing he does like Drake he may not be the toughest but he definitely is the hardest working.
Tanner is like Drake when it comes to hobbies because he loves to hunt, but unlike Drake tanner is more of a free running hunter not just sitting up in a deer stand he rather run and hide then just sit unlike drake he doesn’t really send me his kills which is ok but he definitely a stealthy person that I have to watch out
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