Drake Winehouse Analysis

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In present time, music is one of the most influential forms of art all over the world. Drake and Amy Winehouse are two Grammy award winning artists with their own unique sounds. “Worst Behavior" by Drake and "Stronger than me" by Amy Winehouse share a similar tone, however, they have a different plot and audience.
"Worst Behavior” has an aggressive tone. Drake sings with an angry tone, he sounds mad at all the fake people he had to deal with it throughout his career and now that he finally made it and he is famous, all that same people that doubting him in the past are acting like they love him just because he made it. “I’m on my worse behavior! Don't you ever get it fucked up! Mothafuckas never loved us!” In a part of the song also his tone turn into taunting other rappers, by the fact that he feels that he is the only rapper that is doing something new in music with
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But they're angry at different people. Amy is mad at the guy who is she had this relationship with. In the other hand Drake is mad at everyone that doubted him, every one that told him he wasn’t going to make it. Drake is also telling the rest of the rappers that he is the only original rapper now, the one that is doing new things is him no one else. The difference was the audience, In drakes song, you could say he’s trying to relate to every person who has a dream, he’s telling them never to give up and not to worry what other people think or say about you, just follow your dream, do what makes you happy and you’ll become successful just like he was able to do. Amy’s song she was trying to relate to the woman who were in the same situation as her that had to take care of a man who is not willing to do nothing to better himself no matter what they do. In my point of view, women are stronger than me in every way but they make us feel like we are just so we give them the attention that they want us to give
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