The Narrator In Fight Club

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The book fight club written by Chuck Palahniuk, has been published on August 1996 and categorized as a drama genre novel. The first Drama genre invented way back in 700 BC and roots in classical Greece. The three most important subgenres of Drama has been formed in theatrical culture of the city-state of Athens. These subgenres are including Tragedy, Comedy, and Satyr play. This journey continues until 501 BC, where Satyr play was introduced in the very similar way as modern Satyr. The oldest survived drama is a historical tragedy The Persians written by Aeschylus. Between the years 270 and 240 BC, Roman Republic took over so many parts of Greek territory. The end of war was the beginning of Classical Roman Drama. The most important achievements of this era was invention of Comedies and Tragedies by Livius Andoronicu, 240 BC. In the Middle Ages Drama got involved with religion, therefore it also got involved with moralities. Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe and Tomas Middleton wrote such…show more content…
The Narrator in Fight Club is the protagonist, who is fully introduced to the audience and the whole story is about him which shows that he is a rounded character, Palahniuk does this job by the monologues The Narrator makes, “Just like so many others, I had become a slave to the IKEA…” (Palahniuk 8). The Narrator changes his mind about Tylor and also at the end of the book, even about himself which is another prove on this matter. The Narrator at the first adore Tyler and find him a good friend at the same time a good person, however at one point he find him as a crazy person who Narrator does not like anymore “how always you hurt the one you love” (Palahniuk 2). By the end of the book The Narrator changes his mind about himself as well. He finds out that Tyler and he are the same person. It means Tyler was an image in The Narrator’s mind and he was doing what he thought Tyler is
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