Drama In Kadd's Fire And The Rain By Karnad

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In his various plays karnard has tried to show not only the contemporary society and its dilemma but has also extensively employed the various conventional folktales and techniques and devices of the folk theatre: Masks, dolls, curtains, chorus, commentators-narrator, story-within –a-story, supernatural elements, etc… In fact, Karnad’s contribution to the revival of the art of folk theatre by bringing it out of regional context into the mainstream of national theatre is immense and noteworthy. He has used native theatre modes like Yakshaganga, the Parsee Natak models and other folk theatre forms based on a rich dramatic heritage pattern its lineage to the days of Natyashastra, karnad has truly given a new life to the art of theatre as is evident from an analysis of some famous plays. Karnad’s drama focuses on the complexity of human relationship and contains an indirect critical assessment of modern Indian society. In each of his plays, a legendary / mythical or historical story, we notice “subtle and constant juxtaposition of the past and present” which has been “a common feature of karnad’s dramatic art”. Karnad…show more content…
The myth whose origin can be finding back to Rig Veda provides the play its structure along with ceremony which forms an important part of the narrative structure. The play begins with a prologue and ends with an Epilogue, and is divided in three acts. In its structure the play look like Samavakarna, a type of drama as mentioned in Bharatmuni’s Natyashastra. Through the use of myth Karnad gives a modern perspective to the story. He uses the brother betrayal issues of the play myth and adds to it the ritual of the fire sacrifice to represent the web of shine and gender politics in our society. Karnad’s The Fire and the Rain transports the audience to the imaginary world of the Mahabharata, but without dissociating them from day-to-day

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