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Drama the trifle The trifle is a play in one-act by Susan Glaspell. This story related to something happen in 1916, New York. It is about the women as second class. The background of this story is the murder. The theme of this story is women identify. The story begins with Sheriff asked Mrs. Hale about the situation happened yesterday morning. She answered Harry and I has started to the town with a load of potatoes. After that, we visit Mrs. Wright house to get John Wright to go in with me on a party telephone. When we arrived at that house, we knocked the door. It was past 8 o’clock and all quite inside. She decide to knock again the door. She wait until she hear someone tells her come in and she opened the door. She saw Mrs. Wright…show more content…
Bird symbolize the character of Minnie Foster. She is one of the town girls singing in the choir. It was happen 30 years ago before Minnie Foster married with John Wright. John Wright prohibit Minnie Foster to sing a song. Because of that, Minnie Foster buys a bird in a man around last year selling canaries cheap. The bird used to sing real pretty. John Wright think the women should do the housework like doing her work in kitchen not to sing a song. She must do the same with all day. It makes her have The third symbol is rope. The rope symbolize the die of John Wright like a bird. John Wright kill the neck of the bird. Minnie Foster very angry see that situation cause she kill John Wright with a rope. She do the same thing as John Wright do with her lovely bird. The forth symbol is bird cage. Bird cage symbolize her life trapped in one place, she can not do something she like, she can not release from unhappy marriage. It is like she live in the jail. Before she marriage with John Wright, she is a cheerful person. After she marriage with John Wright, she has difficult situation, she cannot see the road, she just do the housework, she is alone. The fifth symbol is Minnie 's dead canary. It is a symbol of lost freedom. After she marriage with John Wright, she lost her life. She must obey her husband for doing housework all day. She does not love in farmhouse that is her isolated from the

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