Drama Therapy Informative Speech

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Name: David Puvaneyshwaran

Tutorial Grp: _______W23__________ Date: ___14/2/15____

Title: ___Informative Speech ___

Topic: Drama Therapy

Specific purpose:

I want to inform my audience about the way drama therapy is used to help children with psychological and social problems explore their inner psyche.

Central Idea:

Drama therapy has several core techniques which helps socially and psychologically affected individuals explore their emotions and express them to a therapist. Children benefit from drama therapy as they are able to empathize with inanimate characters and can also send out strong messages about their emotions.

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Drama therapy is the intentional use of theatre processes to promote personal integration and healing (Jennings, 2013)
III. A combination of psychology and theatre, drama therapy uses theatre and personal expression to deal with the inner psyche of psychologically affected patients

(Let me start by telling you a bit more about what are some of the techniques used in drama therapy: _Preview___)

Body – (include citations of sources)
I. There are some core techniques which are commonly used in drama therapy to help patients to connect with their emotions (Langley, 2006)
a. Dramatic projection: the process of selecting aspects of self and using drama therapy to change his perspective of the situation
b. Embodiment: using one’s physique to describe his or her own emotion.
i. This uses physical expression to convey his inner feelings with his audience or therapist
c. Personification and impersonation: Using symbolic objects for patients to direct their emotions. This includes the use of puppets or toys.

(Although drama therapy is applicable for all ages, children benefit from them the most: Transition) II. Drama therapy helps alleviate loneliness amongst children. (NADT,

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