Dramatic Changes In The Victorian Period

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The Victorian period started in the nineteen century. Concurrently, when Queen Victoria was in the throne from 1837 until her death in 1901. As a matter of fact, the Victorian period is known for the changes and significant development from previous centuries. Accordingly, England had a dramatic change to the middle class which gave them more power. Never the less, the lower society, was being utilized for urban developments despite the fact they were unhappy and distressful. Actually, Queen Victoria wanted justice and moral yet there was an obvious inequality between the middle class of the abundance of money they have and the lower class which continued in poverty. Meanwhile, it was a challenge to the artist and intellectual class, to express these differences of social changes in their artworks. Another aspect of that century was the expansion of the British power. Perhaps a significant evidence to power started in the eighteen century…show more content…
Due to, these dramatic changes in the Victorian period Charles Dickenson wrote different novels including Christmas Carol. In the novel Christmas Carol we can observe the impact the period had in the writer. He demonstrates the difference of powerful persons and how they treated the poor population. Also, it shows the cold hearted that the power can make a wealthy person. Regardless, Dickenson expresses his thought of the social changes in this novel of what was happening in that period to what moral person should be. Therefore, there is an obvious treatment in the different social classes. As a result, Christmas Carol is distinguished because in the novel, Scrooge the main character, is a wealthy old man therefore he does not care about anything or anyone. Meanwhile, in the dream of the future, tt saw himself dead yet nobody cared that he died. As a consequence, of his dreams, he subsequently, understands that both are equally
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