Dramatic Irony In Arthur Miller's 'Biff'

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Prior to the acknowledgement of Willy’s suicide, Miller provides Biff with a defensive but harsh persona in which he degrades Willy’s morals, and by doing so, Biff feels that he provides Linda – his mother and also role-model – further protection and admiration. This is illustrated as to when Biff suggests that Willy ‘[spews]..vomit from his mind’ and also as to when he is presented to be ‘[evasive]’. Biff’s unreasonable and ambiguous manner is significant as Miller induces dramatic irony towards the audience, along with catharsis: an emotional release for the audience, as Biff is the only character that knows of Willy’s affair. On the other hand, after being exposed to the true nature of Willy’s mind set, Biff is presented to show sympathy
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