Dramatic Irony In Huckleberry Finn Essay

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With dramatic irony, the perspective of the authors on human nature is portrayed in a way to show that money is blinding. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, while many of the characters are blinded by the dauphin and the dukes act, the readers know the truth, “Well, when it come to that it worked the crowd like you never see anything like it, and everybody broke down and went to sobbing right out loud—the poor girls, too; and every woman, nearly, went up to the girls, without saying a word, and kissed them, solemn, on the forehead, and then put their hand on their head, and looked up towards the sky, with the tears running down, and then busted out and went off sobbing and swabbing, and give the next woman a show. I never see anything…show more content…
While the duke and the dauphin and lying about their identity, they are gaining money through this. The readers know they don’t deserve that money. It also evokes aggravation because the people of that town and the Wilks girls are gullible enough to believe that the duke and the dauphin are Peter Wilks’ brother with no proof to prove that. This is used to satirize how people easily believed anything with no proof and did not question. In Death of a Salesman, after many years of struggling to pay for all the bills, Willy decides to commit suicide because he wanted the insurance money to be given to Biff, his son but at his funeral, the readers find out: "I made the last payment on the house today.Today, dear. And there'll be nobody home." (Miller 112) Willy’s suicide was an attempt to do his family a favor by getting them money, but after so many years of working as a salesman trying to make enough money to support his family, his work finally paid off. However, Willy won’t get to enjoy his accomplishment which makes the readers feel aggravated and discouraged. This is said because Willy has worked at the same business place for so many years and has went on so many business trips to earn the money but as soon as he commits suicide to get his family money from the insurance, the bills on the house were done being
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