Dramatic Irony In The Interlopers By Saki

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This essay is going to be about comparing two short stories that I have read. There are many things that a person can compare, whether it’s the literal meaning of something or a figurative meaning. Both things will be discussed in the essay, along with contrasting the two stories

The first story I will be talking about is “The Interlopers” by Saki. This story is about two neighbors fighting over hunting grounds. One thing that is obvious is the Point of View of this story. The story is told from an omniscient narrator’s view, which means that there is an outsider that tells you what is happening and what everybody is feeling at any point. One kind of figurative language used in the passage is dramatic irony, specifically tragic irony. Its dramatic irony because of how at the end of the story the people the main characters thought was coming to save them were a pack of wolves there to kill them. The mood of “The Interlopers” is very hostile, as the two neighbors are
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This is about a woman who learns that her husband has died. The woman dies after learning the news, but not how you expect. One thing this story has in common with “The Interlopers” Is that the point of view for both is the same. This story has a narrator that tells us what the woman and her friends are thinking, making it omniscient. Another thing the two stories have in common is that they’re both using dramatic Irony. At the beginning of the story the narrator says that “Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble,” so the woman’s friends were very careful about telling her the news. But instead of dying of depression, she died of happiness. Unlike the last story, the mood of “The Story of an Hour” is lighter and more positive relative to “The Interlopers.” Although there are two deaths in the story, it is mainly triumphant as the woman has finally been freed from the grasp of her husband, as she didn’t like
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