Twelfth Night Dramatic Irony Analysis

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Alex Galt Professor Whalen British Literature 4 March 2018 The Dramatic Irony in the Twelfth Night Dramatic Irony is a critical component of writing. The best possible utilization of dramatic irony allows an audience to have a facilitated comprehension of characters, by allowing the audience to know things that the characters in the writing don't have the foggiest idea. At the point when utilized appropriately, this learning is utilized to create feelings of humour and tension for the audience. Dramatic Irony is consequently a commonly used literary component, as many well-known authors and playwrights have utilized it to perform their works. Shakespeare for instance, was known to utilize dramatic irony in a significant number of his plays.…show more content…
The minor characters side stories that weave dramatic irony throughout the play makes the story line all the more fascinating. Malvolio, who is Olivia’s attendant, has the meanest of tricks played on him, and the trick is made considerably more amusing due the nearness of emotional incongruity. The sensational incongruity is made when Malvolio gets a note sent in penmanship that has all the earmarks of being Olivia's. The gathering of people, in any case, realizes that the note was rather composed by Olivia's worker, yet Malvolio trusts it to be composed by Olivia herself. The note gives Malvolio particular directions to win Olivia's adoration, and is loaded with things that are abnormal for Malvolio. He wears crazy garments and acts like somebody that he isn't, all in the expectations that Olivia will go gaga for him. His activities rather have the contrary impact, since she is worried by his activities and has him treated like he's crazy. The group of onlookers comprehends what's up, and each one of Malvolio's stumbles is more amusing than the last, consequently likewise adding to the comedic component of the play. The utilization of sensational incongruity in this way makes one of the significant focal topics of the play, the silliness of the human beings. Dramatic Irony is fundamental to setting the stage, as it enables an audience to encounter what it resembles to be transparent. This subject is supported by the events in the play. Each character settles on choices and judgments without enough information to make important and good decisions. Malvolio is a prime example. Had he taken the time to make sense of who had composed that letter, he would have acted completely
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